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Finding Peace

As I wake up this morning, wiping the tears from my eyes I selfishly think about how much I miss my dad, how much I relied on him and truly how much he means to me.  The pain of him not being here on earth with our family is just too much to bear at times. This moment was quickly interrupted by a text from one of Shepherd’s team members wondering about Christmas for a new resident in our newest Shepherd Home. It hit me again like a ton of bricks, the pain and sorrow I bare is that not only of my own but of yours too. My empathy for those in our home does not come from a place of experience but from a place in my heart. My skills are best suited for helping others, I have a true passion for the elderly and doing what is right for them. I was BLESSED when I came upon Shepherd Premier, In the facilities where I have worked, they have all been managed by big corporations that don’t even know their resident’s names let alone their families, a money gig for sure. I was on my way out of the assisted living/skilled nursing field and moving into the nuances of clinical mental health when I was pulled into the driveway of a Shepherd Premier Property. Their business model sounded exactly like what I had been looking for. People who genuinely care about the attention that a resident should receive. I too had found my home.

At Shepherd it is important to not only give the best care we can to those who live with us, but we also strive to help the family while they walk on this most challenging journey. As I think of how each of you have your own struggles.  The emotion, the sorrow, the guilt, the what ifs, I wish I could tell you that will go away, unfortunately it does not it will always be there, but no longer up in your face, not on a daily basis anyway. Knowing that your loved one is safe is really what is important. I didn’t have to live day in and day out trying to get my dad to remember, I was just here yesterday. Oh sure, he wanted to see more of me and my siblings. We did the best we could, and, in the end, it was not enough, at least for me. The torture we place upon ourselves is overwhelming at times.

Shepherd Premier Senior Living gives us ALL a better way. The care ratio alone provides staff the opportunity to really love on your parents. The frustration is decreased, and the worry is gone. You will still have guilt, remorse, and feel the loss but you are not alone. Shepherd has a couple of Mental Health Counselors on staff to help if needed but more importantly I can guarantee you that your loved one will be looked after by a group of individuals who truly want to make a difference. Let Shepherd Premier help you find the peace you are looking for, for yourself and your loved one.

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  1. My mother has been living at Shepherd for 4 years now. She was one of the 1st residents to move in. The helping hand they gave me those 1st few weeks were so appreciated. I’m truly not sure where she would be without the patience and understanding of the people who work there and own this care facility. My mom is not easy to work with when she sets her mind to causing trouble but they always seem to redirect her. As she ages her dementia is changing and they are able to handle her. I used to try to micromanage this situation but with their help I’ve relaxed into trusting them completely.

    If you’re looking for a place with a comfortable feel from the minute you walk through the door you’ll find it here. It’s a beautiful home with a comfortable setting. The residents are content there. Either enjoying a fire in the winter or relaxing with a family cookout in the summer.
    They’ve thrown many memorable family parties with excellent food. The daily food is home cooked and the residents help plan the menus. They’re served what they’ll eat not what’s on a state listed requirement which is good for my mom.

    If you want to set some of the worries aside as I’ve done go take a tour and you’ll understand the charm of this assisted living/dementia care facility. The residents are encouraged to bring out their talents whether it gardening, art or maybe even a little cooking everything on their level of comprehension. To me this is special that they don’t have to give up doing the things they love.

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